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Bangladesh is a large and densely populated country, population over 158.5 million . Almost one third of the populations, live below the poverty line, and a significant proportion of them live in extreme poverty. Many people have an inadequate diet and suffer from periods of food shortage. Half of all rural children are chronically underweight and many of them suffer from acute malnutrition. Most of Bangladesh’s labourers are engaged in informal, low-income jobs with limited productivity and as result many people are suffering.

Qurbani Appeal LAUNCHED 2017

Alhamdulillah, Eid ul Adha is fast approaching and you are preparing to celebrate the day with gifts, new clothes, and food. While you prepare for this Eid, there are people who can’t afford to celebrate the speacial day, so give qurbani money and bring a smile to the less fortunate people.

Giving Qurbani is one of the ways the less fortunate can have something to smile about. We will make sure the neediest people who are elderly, women, widow, orphans and those most deprived and hard to reach receive the Qurbani Meat. We will select only the healthiest animals and will carry out the Qurbani at the proper timing on your behalf insha’allah.

£490 for a whole cow (Seven names) or £100 per portion (Name) , we will perform Qurbani during Eid Days on your behalf in Bangladesh and distribute the fresh meat amoung the less fortunate, deprived and those in need Insahallah.

Rasulullah (SAW) has said, “The person who makes Qurbani with a willing heart and with the niyyat of Sawaab, then on the day of Judgment that Qurbani will shield him from the fires of Hell.

Last EID Achivement 2018

Alhamdullilah, Last year in EIDul Azha (2017) with your generosity and duaas we were able to performed Qurabni and helped over 60 famailies with the fresh meat so this year we willing to do more with your help.

Al Amaan ET is also providing assistance and intends to achieve more of the following through your generosity.

  • Provid treatment, medication and the basic training about health and wellbeing.
  • Poor housing facilities & Sanitation and help towards building Mosques (Masjid)
  • Employment Training & Educational opportunities
  • Provid financial help towards getting marriage
  • Inconsistent access to nutritious food
  • Clean water facilities (Providing Well)
  • Debt and fragile livelihoods
  • Provide resources for generating income
  • And many more…


If you wish to visit to take part in our development projects of making peoples’ living conditions better then you are most welcome to get in touch with us.

In order us to provide more help and support, we earnestly requesting all the brother and sisters to come forward and help us with donation so we able to help more needy people.

Our Zakath Fund Account Details

Account Details:


Account Name: Al-Amaan Education Trust

Acc No: 92394669

S/C: 40-25-27

Our office Address: 434 BARKING ROAD, LONDON, E6 2SA